Our Clinical Philosophy

A Collaborative Approach

While putting down the drink or drug is the absolutely critical first step, we believe it is only the beginning of the recovery process. Our comprehensive and collaborative approach begins with your discharge from a treatment center and continues through your transition back into the real world.

Addiction as a Disease

ACHIEVE’s continuing care and treatment philosophy is based upon the bio-psychological model of substance abuse treatment. Simply put, we believe in the “disease concept,” which means that addiction is a three-fold illness affecting your mind, body and spirit. In order to ensure sobriety, it is necessary to treat not only the addiction but also the whole person.

Family-Focused Recovery

Because alcoholic family systems are often steeped in defenses such as denial and minimizing, families often actively resist talking about the fear and anxiety they are experiencing. Walls go up, battle lines are drawn and family members silently collude to suppress their growing pain, often blaming everything but reality. Our treatment philosophy and clinical interventions are based on the belief that addiction affects the family system as well as the client. Our goal is to educate the family by providing insight into the disease of alcoholism and addiction through a dynamic monthly family workshop.

Uniquely Crafted Care

Everyone has their own history, struggles, hopes and goals—your treatment shouldn’t be any different. We will provide a complete assessment of you as an individual and hand-craft a recovery plan that reflects your identity and meets your psychological, emotional, behavioral, physical and spiritual needs.

A New Way of Life

Our clinical team is devoted to helping you uncover the buried issues that contributed to your drinking, drugging or acting-out in self-defeating behaviors. We teach you how to recognize and replace self-destructive patterns, encourage you to develop a personal relationship with your Higher Power and mentor you in building healthy relationships and practicing productive life skills.

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