The ACHIEVE Advantage

Pushing the Boundaries of Recovery

ACHIEVE is not a typical post-treatment facility, nor is it based upon abstinence alone. We are a team of spiritually centered professionals in active recovery who are passionate about helping others overcome their hardships. Staying sober is simple but not easy, and building a foundation for long-term recovery can be a difficult process. Our goal is to minimize your struggle and maximize your chances of success.

A Dynamic Approach

Our mission is to provide individuals recently discharged from treatment centers with the highest level of continuing care. We do this through counseling, dynamic life skills programs and safe community housing such that our clients can achieve both long-term recovery and a productive and successful life.

Honest, Transparent Care

We believe in honest business practices. We incorporate a logical and efficient operating structure and administrate with transparency, enthusiasm, consistency and compassion. We treat our clients and their families with respect and strive to make each person feel like they are part of a strong network of professionals and peers who truly care about them.

In order to do so, we adhere to the principles of fairness, integrity and accountability while dealing with clients, families and partnering treatment centers. Our only desire is to help you succeed, whatever it takes.

A Personal Touch

Our first-hand experience with addiction has provided us with the unique opportunity to develop programs that worked in our own recovery and pass our knowledge on to those who are just beginning their journey. We have experienced true gifts and grace through recovery and believe we can help you find the same abundant and productive life that recovery has given us.

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