Our Alumni Program

Your recovery doesn’t end after you graduate – and neither does our support.

We’re committed to keeping you sober and keeping you connected. Our alumni program not only supports you on your journey in recovery, it also keeps you connected to the people who helped get you there and lets you pass on your story and experience to others still in the ACHIEVE program.

Anyone who has completed ACHIEVE’s substance abuse program is welcome to join. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this program.

Access to Exclusive Events — Continued Support

Before you complete treatment, we work with you to set up alumni services and provide a schedule of events.

Each month we host an exclusive event for ACHIEVE alumni. In the past, we have:

  • Hosted BBQs
  • Provided homemade desserts made by Jenna (one of our therapists)
  • Gone on picnics
  • Attended Miami Marlins games and other sporting events.

Generally, each event starts with social time, allowing alumni and clients to interact and share stories. Next, an alumnus or local community member shares their story. Through it all, we share our experience, strength and hope and we have fun doing it.

More Benefits of Joining:

  • Ongoing Support – We know recovery never stops. As you continue your recovery journey, our alumni program offers you a vital resource to guide and assist you after leaving treatment.
  • Continued Accountability – Accountability helps us remember why we’re fighting the fight and sticking to our recovery goals—but we don’t have to do it alone. Our alumni program offers a platform for alumni to keep each other in check.
  • Encourage Others; Create Lasting Friendships – Our alumni program is a great way to interact and connect with one another. Often, these bonds transition into lasting friendships built on sobriety and encouragement.
  • Have Fun – Sobriety should be fun! Whether it’s a BBQ at Lake Ida Park or just a group of us sitting around a fire pit, every event we plan is designed to keep you connected and keep you on the path to recovery. Through picnics, sporting events and more, our alumni program helps keep you connected to your peers while showing you how great life can be.
Join Our Alumni Program
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