Our Faith Programs

There is a great deficit in spiritual correctness and christian faith recovery programs in today’s treatment industry. To address this void, ACHIEVE is pleased to offer a christian faith program which combines an effective blend of evidence-based therapies with a biblical foundation of support to individuals who are seeking treatment from addiction or dual diagnosis issues.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to encourage and enlighten a client’s mind and soul to “a higher power consciousness” in the hope that they begin the development of a personal relationships with God.

Acceptance is the First Step

Acceptance that there is a loving God who cares and that all of us were “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139)

We believe our clients will find a new hope and encouragement for their recovery as they find or renew their relationship with God. Our goal is to support the individual’s journey in exploring, connecting, and growing their faith.

Our approach is to foster this process through the principle of attraction versus promotion. We view our role simply as “sowers of seed” while leaving results to God.